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(February 20, 1973 - July 5, 2014)

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Melinda (roses4friends)

December 13, 2009

Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

February 20, 1973

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July 15, 2008

Stage 4

over 6.1

Grade 3


Fluorouracil (5-FU)

not being able to work

too live for each day!

Pray for continued healing of my body!

colon, pelvis, vaginal cuff, bladder

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UT Cancer Institute, Germantown, TN; Texas Oncology in Tyler, TX

Remember that you do not have to suffer with the side effects. There are medications that will help and it might take a few tries to get the right combination.

You have to find a support system that is best for you! I have found that blogging on here has helped me because I am talking to people that have been there and done that! Most important is take it day by day or hour by hour when you have to and do not feel like you HAVE to do something for others, you are the one that is sick!

March 12, 2010

March 17, 2011

changes in stool, bleeding.



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February 20, 1973 - July 5, 2014

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Wednesday October 3, 2012

Basically I have to decide if I want to live with this bleeding or go through a pretty major surgery with a 25% chance of being worse off (like loosing the function of my legs), or a 75% chance that he can find out where I am really bleeding from and can actually stop it. He does not want me to make any decisions right now, said he would not consider doing the surgery for 3/4 months at this point anyway because he wants to see if the bleeding will decrease some more. Hugs, Melinda
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Oh Melinda,, my heart goes out to you... wow that is really something to think about, I am sure you have thought about getting a second opinion. I will pray for you. hugs Sabina:)
What did he see on the CT scan? How do you feel about your doctor's diagnosis? How is your blood count? Are you in any pain? Maybe, it will slow down and go away. I know I asked a lot of questions, so only answer them if you feel like it. I will be praying for you. Love, Jenny
 Doc still could not see anything of significance which is why he is so frustrated. My blood count ironically is holding at about an 10/11 and they feel it will maintain since it has for the last 5 weeks. Pain: Yes I am in a lot of pain that cannot be controlled which I am extremely frustrated about as that has not been addressed or I may not have voiced it enough knowing me:) I deal with chronic pain all of the time and especially in this particular area. Diagnosis: I understand him feeling at a loss, he did not do my initial surgery so it is hard for him to really know what and how things were done. 2nd opinion: Yes if the bleeding does not go down anymore than where I am at which is more bleeding than is normal for me, then we are going to contact my original gyn onco as she knows what was done and had even originally told us that she would not be surprised if I would need surgery in 3 to 4 years due to what she and the plastic surgeon had to do because they were the last two to work on me and I had been under for so long that they really rushed... I believe the Insurance plan I am on with Medicare actually allows me to go anywhere as long as the doctor accepts my supplement plan for medicare which is Humana, and I know my sister would help pay for seeing my original gyn onco as well as the trip to Memphis, TN. Thank you for your prayers Jenny as we have sent out prayer requests for the bleeding to stop and for God to intervene and heal whatever is going on. Loves and Hugs, Melin
Melinda, I am glad your bloodwork is staying at a level rate, but I am so sorry you are in pain. I know you probably have pain med, but that doesn't always help. I am also so glad you have your sister to help you pay for the transportation if you need to fly to Memphis for the second surgery. My taxotere is starting to kick in today, so I don't feel so great. I have been thinking about you. Love, Jenny
How frustrating and scary for you!
Oh Melinda, I am soooo sorry that you are having such pain and frustration about your bleeding. (Its got to be awful having that to deal with all the time). It is really odd that they cannot pin point where its coming from. Praise the Lord your blood counts are holding steady (a small blessing). I am praying for you daily and also asking God to help you be strong and just cover you with his love and peace. I love you and know many others do and we will be there to help you get through this! BIG HUGS Sheri
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Melinda, my family and I will be praying for you. I know how frustrating it can be to be in constant pain. Do you have a pain management specialist? There is no reason for you to be going thru pain on top of this very stressful situation with your uncontrolled bleeding. Please get yourself some relief in the pain area. I too was not one to vocal how truly bad I was feeling. Not sure why we do that? Shame? Stigma that goes with pain meds? Whatever the have gone thru hell and back and if anyone is deserving of some type of relief, it's you. All my love and prayers. Keep fighting! xoxo
Wow. Seconding the comments about getting a second opinion and it sounds like a visit to Tennessee should be on your list as soon as possible. Maybe you could just get in the car and start driving! Whatever it takes to end this nightmare...
Melinda...all I can do is offer my prayers and hope the bleeding goes away on its own so you don't have to make such a difficult decision. Hugs, Mari
Melinda; I know you must be so frustrated with everything that presents to you each and every day. I don't know anyone who could deal with constant bleeding without be scared and feeling a little helpless. I guess when one changes surgeons the problem is, does each surgeon communicate with one another. I think in your case you should encourage it so that they can come up with an answer before 3/4 months is up. I think it is abomnibal that you are in a NO ZONE situation. This is not how a person who is constantly bleeding should be treated, pain or no pain. About that pain, ever consider, medical marijuana? I'm not sure if you have that in the USA but it is legal up here in Canada if you get a Dr. to approve it. I have heard it is the best pain med on the market. Just a thought.
Dear Melinda,I am sorry to hear about your situation.I think that your doctor should not wait 3/4 moths to do something.They sholud start calling your previous doctor who warned you that this might happen in 4-5 years and ask their opinion why they said that.That way they can have a plan of care that is appropriate to the situation.I remember that i have vaginal bleeding and they trated it as dryness due to turned out to be vaginal ca after 3 monthe of hormone therapy which made it more alive.I end up with a big operation,I have neo-bladder/repair of vagina which is very uncomfortable.The problem is if the bleeding stopped they will continue to obseve you but still not knowing what cause it in the first place.If your old team can help and give you the correct answer I think it is a great load off your mind.I'm praying that your team will find a solution soon and that your pain will be addressed the way it should be. Hugs and prayers
Sometimes the "wait and see" approach is the best one. A decision that comes slowly and persistently is often one we can trust, too. This is a big one, I can certainly appreciate it. May you be blessed and find peace in this process.
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Melinda, I cannot begin to know how you are feeling. To make this type of decision has to be the hardest thing. The only thing I can say is put faith in your doctors, and do what you feel is right. Sit and reach down deep, you will answer your own question. I am thinking of you and praying for you. You are an inspiration and though I don't know you well think you are the loveliest person. I send you hugs and prayers.
God Bless You, Melinda! I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this. Hugs to you, my friend.
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Happy Born Day to you!
I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I know it is early but I did not want to forget! This WEdnesday is a very hectic day for me. Hugs and good wishes, Sandyjo
Hi Melinda.. Nice to see your post at Martha's post..Hope all is well with you..hugs and love Sabina
Melinda...I hope you're doing well. Would love to hear how you've been.
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Monday September 24, 2012

Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you all know that I am taking it extremely easy, just getting up to go to the bathroom, living room, and bedroom. The bleeding appears to be slacking off a little, but still more than I would like to see! I will have my CTscan scheduled tomorrow. Would have had it done today but when the lady on the phone said contrast and IV contrast, I told her that when I was in the hospital that it was written on my erase board as IV contrast only so that I would remember. So she will get in touch with UCH in the morning to verify which way. I just know the doc said that the barium contrast was not what he needed nor did he want at this point because he is looking for the place where the bleeding is coming from. I do not return back to Dr P until AFTER the CTscan. Loves and Hugs to you ALL! Melin
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carolj sent you a prayer.
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Thanks for the update. It is maddening to have to keep up with all the miscues between providers, labs and folks, but it sounds like you have it under control. Good luck tomorrow.
Continue to take care, Melinda! I wish you the best with the CT scan tomorrow and hope that you'll get some answers from it. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs-- Martha
Praying for answers to be clear on your scan tomorrow!
Goodluck Melin.Hope for all the best.We are praying for you.Hoping the Ctscan will answer all your questions and that the results will be all good.Hugs lulubelle
Wishing you the best tomorrow on your scan, Melinda. We will be thinking of you. Prayers and hugs coming your way!
Hi Melinda, lost my email yesterday, I hope you have had your CT by now and will get the results ASAP....big hug to YOU!
Sending gentle hugs...sounds like you are healing. Sending good vibes for the CT scan on the horizon..may it only provide great results.
Thanks for updating! I understand your frustration also with health providers. The nurse called me the other day with my next MRI appointment when I hasked if a contrast MRI was booked she said " does it matter?" HMMM and she is a R.N. I think that is scary!!! Good Luck and i hope things start improving for you and you feel better Hugs Val
I pray for you always Melinda, your always tucked in my prayer. I hope your doing well and this scan came with some answers. Hugs across the miles!
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Thursday september 20, 2021

Hi everyone, Quick note to let you know that I did wind-up in er on Wednesday afternoon locally as my Denver Dr was concern that I was septic. Fort Collins er did not feel equipped to take the packing out so I was transferred to Denver and finally got there at 8:40pm just to lay in a gurney waiting for Denver to STILL make a decision. My doctor told us to go to the nearest er to get the packing out because he knew Denver er was already headed for a bad night (three ppl were in ICU in the er and five others waiting for beds for full admittance) Apparently there was a lot of arguements about what and who was going to do something with me until 2AM. YES THAT IS TWO IN THE MORNING. We have nevere experienced anything like that before. I am tough as nails when it comes to dealing with pain or medical things but I was a crying yelling crazy woman at 1:30 am when nobody would give me a straight answer about why I had I had not been given the ice chips that I was promised since 9:30 and we will not go into pain medication and last but not lease my effexor for my physical menopausal hot flashes. Finally I was told that two HOURS previously the night on call surgical team decided that it would be better to wait until one of my doctors teams came on at seven am to suppossibibly remove the packing while I would be drugged too lala land. Well I never got to lala and the chief reisdent started pulling the packing out while I screamed bloody murderer for the second time in a week. He paused said I will give you a break for a few minutes. No more medication was given to me and he started pulling out the rest of the packing. I had a total of four feet of packing in a vaginal canal that I was told was no more than two inches long. So your guess is as good as mine where the packing was stuffed. I was barely in the clear on my red and white blood cells. I was not septic yet but if another day had gone by then I definitely would have been. So for now I am to rest not walk too much no lifting. Get the ctscan done which we have schedule for early next week. And a sleep study to schedule before I see Denver doctor again. So I will get in with a local oncologist and hope and pray they know how to work with doctor in Denver :) A few days of setbacks I wish on nobody, Love you all Melin
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How awful! I am so sorry, but hope for better days soon.
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Melinda-- I wanted to cry when I read your post. How terrible, especially knowing that you were left to lie there in such great pain. And I want to know how in the hell they get 4 feet of packing into such a small space. No wonder you were miserable. Thank God you were checked out before becoming septic. I will keep you in my prayers for answers to all of your issues and hope that they can all be resolved. Hugs-- Martha
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So sorry to hear it went like that. You are so amazingly tough. I hope you let Dr. Pearlman know how bad the ER experience was! Rest, please please don't overdo. Prayers and hugs your way!
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Oh how awful, ER's are the worst places, seems no matter how bad you are they make you wait. I am glad they got it out before becoming septic. Try to rest get something like your fav ice cream and a good magazine or a good happy movie and some fluffy pillows. Just rest and I will keep praying for you Melinda. love and hugs Sabina:)
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((((((Melinda))))) I think of you so often. Your foritude struck me a long time ago. My absence here is only due to fear of late. Can't deal. When I do pop in and read your blog I'm inspired to fight so hard!
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my eyes is tearing as I read your blog but I know that is not what you need right now.You are a strong woman and have gone thru a lot.Are they consulting with your previous doctors or even specialist.I hope that the bleeding stop and you are feeling much better by now.I will continue praying and hope for a solution to your problem.Goodluck on your Catscan.Hugs lulubelle
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Melinda, I cannot imagine going through this ordeal and still being able to write about are just one tough and amazing woman. It's an honor to be your friend...
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Melinda, I am so sorry you had to be in so much pain and discomfort. It sounds like you were in a horrible situation. I hope you had a family member there to help you. I am hoping you don't have to go through any more pain. Jenny
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That's terrible, Melinda! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. My experience with ER care has been pretty crappy, so I hope that any further treatment can be done in a better setting. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for better days for you very soon. Many hugs~Ann
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Hi Melinda, I am so angry at what the hospitals and doctors put you through. There is no excuse. With that said, I am glad that you were not septic yet and I am praying that you are feeling better and healing quickly. You are an incredible and strong woman! Here is to better days ahead! Hugs, Cherie
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Melinda...that is so horrible and it is crazy that someone can gt tht kind on unsympathetic care. I hope it only gets better from here. Rachel
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Wow - so sad. I am sorry they put you through all that and then no meds while they pulled it out!!! I do hope you are feeling better soon, Hugs and prayers, Sandyjo
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Sweetie I am praying for you so much, i am so sorry you are having such horrible and insensitve people taking care of you in the medical world! I hope you finally find a doctor that will get to the bottom of these problems and help you with them as well as CARE about you as a patient! Keep fighting! HUGS Sheri
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Wow. That's brutal. :(
Honestly, I felt a moment of nausea reading about taking the packing out, etc. I've had too much done in "that" area and want no more of it (even before cancer). It sounds to me--I could be wrong---like it was stuffed too tight?? IDK . . I wasn't there to see if when it was done, but that's my thinking. Packing isn't supposed to be "stuffed". It doesn't absorb drainage as well when it's like that (any nurse out there with experience in this correct me if I'm wrong, but this is MY experience and training). I watched a doctor rip open an infected low-transverse incision (c-section) years ago with not lidocaine, no anesthesia . . . I'm so sorry this happened to you Mel, but I'm glad the #Q!%#!& is out of you. May you heal quickly (with lots of pain meds on board!!!) Carol
GEEEEZ I hope things improve for you!I hate reading posts like that I just get madder and madder thinking what cancer can and has taken! You are in my prayers and hope your issues can be fixed! Good Luck and stay tough you can and will beat this too! Hugs Val
Oh Melinda, I am so sorry, that is just so wrong. I have found that emergency rooms and their personnel are not the kindest people in the world. Stay strong, we are wishing only the best for you!!!!!
Melinda; How are you feeling today? Sounds like a horrendous ordeal, that noone should endure. I hope they took it all out and didn't have to insert more? God I feel a law suit coming on, don't you? lol
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