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Had Surgery on April 27, 2011

Hi All, I had exploratory surgery to see what was causing the vaginal bleeding. Well the news was that I am still raw as if I had surgery three weeks ago instead of almost three years ago. I have a lot of vascular tissue present and my gyn/onco that did the surgery said that she sutured up the the two worst veins as well as she could and hopes they will make it at least two weeks but honestly does not know if it is going to last. She said that I need to have a complete vaginal reconstruction, which in my case means removing the flap that was put in from the muscle on my left upper abdomen. My entire vagina (what is left of it that is) will be closed up and they will use the labia to close over the area so that there will not be any kind of opening. My gyn/onco said that she did not see any signs of disease but she did not like the look of the flap that it was the more white than any flap she has ever seen before and feels that there maybe a lot of dead tissue there. She wants to get me in ASAP to do the Hyperbaric chamber, which is oxygen based. She said that there is some controversy over it being used on Cancer patients because some researchers have showen that oxygen feeds cancer cells. She personally does not take this view and said that my vagina was yeasty and has no chance of healing on its own at this point without trying the Hyper-baric chamber. She also said she does not feel comfortable doing my vaginal reconstruction and her recommendation is to go to MD Anderson or to Cleaveland clinc that has plastic surgeons that really specialize in doing the vaginal reconstructions. This is going to be an extensive surgery requiring time in the hospital and me being at risk for blood infusions (I have already had 9) and healing problems. So I am on even more limited restrictions than I was before if one can imagine that. I am not to lift ANYTHING, no STRAINING (good thing I have a colostomy), no DRIVING, no walking more than 20-30 feet, sit so I am not hurting (now that is intersting, anybody want to go out to eat...I have to lay on my hip)LOL. The things we all go through! I am so thankful for my life, my family, and my relationship with Christ, otherwise I am not sure how I would get through some of my days:).... I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed day! Remember each day is a new day and we are all responsible for how we want our day to go emotionally! Hugs, Melin
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Dear Melinda, Wow that is again some serious news to digest. You are so brave and your strength just amazes me. I am sure that at times these next steps feel overwhelming..what we go through to try and keep our bodies together..we are like humpty dumpty...I hope you feel my love and prayers that I am sending you! I really would like to see you go to md Anderson...I hear they are very good... One day at a time kiddo!! Love and blessings...Lori in az
Hi Melinda-- I can't believe you are having to go through more surgery. I'm so sorry to hear of this. You have already been through so much. However, I am truly in awe of your strength, courage and will to keep going forward--you are so strong and such an inspiration. Please let us know how things progress and how you are doing in the meantime. I send you healing hugs and prayers. Martha
Melinda, I'm so sorry you're going through all this...I know that seems trite, compared to what you have to deal with...I hope the other docs can get you fixed up correctly and quickly. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*
I am so sorry to hear but. You are in my prayers. Your strength and dpositive thinking will get you through this. Go out to eat before hospital food comes your way! Have a dessert for me! Remember "I can do all things through Christ who shregthens me." Sunshine days to you, Sandyjo
Melinda, You have been through so much to have to endure more. My heart breaks for you. May God give you comfort and healing. Hugs! Betty
Melinda my heart goes out to you we all wonder why god does this to us and well we know deep inside theres a reason. It may take years for it to show but theres a reason. He has bigger plans for you and will guide through this hang in there. I myself would pack a bag and move ibto the hyperbaric chamber it works miracles. Theres always differing opinions out there go with you gut on this one trust what you feel. Science doesnt always know best if it did we wouldnt have the drugs and procedures we have today. Much love and prayers going to you fight hard
Melinda, Wow. I cannot believe you are able to laugh about this! What an amazing spirit you are. It sounds like you trust your gyn oncologist and you could be comfortable with her advice about the hyperbaric chamber. IF you can get a consultation at MD Anderson or Cleveland, maybe the new surgery will be soon enough not to need the chamber, otherwise, I'd go! Much love...please keep posting...HM
Good golly, Miss M! The bright note is that your pain has lessened, I suppose all things considered, that's good news. I don't know anyone who has endured as much as you but I know your strength will get you through the next hurdle as well. How do you keep occupied while not doing anything? There are only so many movies on Netflix! Hopefully, you will be famous in the medical journals and your story will benefit other women who come down the road after you. I like Mike's post and comment about the h-chamber. Good luck with that as well as the hospital food (bleh). Best wishes to you and your mom and sis too :) xoxo
Sweet Melinda, You are one strong person. I am glad you posted to let us know what is going on. I think it is a true testament to your doctor that they were upfront with you and said go to the best. A good doctor knows their limitations, and is truthful about them. I have been to Cleveland Clinic, and can attest to the great skill and care one receives there (as I know MD Anderson does as well). I will continue praying for you. Wishing you a bright day, this day and everyday. Bo
Dear Melinda, More surgery -- I am so sorry. You have endured and endured, and endured yet again.I am so glad you have doctors you trust, and that you have good resources available. I will be happy to go out to dinner with you. We can request a booth so you can lie on your hip. Or maybe Roman banquet style would be the best. BFAC can have a party for you, and we can all lie around on couches, drink wine, and munch on yummies. I am getting a great mental image of this event :) Back to the serious side. You are in my prayers. Love, Andrea
Gosh Melinda that is a lot for one girl to go through!It sounds like you have a good support system and a fantastic attitude! You go girl! I wish you strength and hope and courage Shellseeker
To anyone who starts to feel sorry for themselves, I sould suggest they read your blog for the past year and this should make them feel better. Melinda you are a fighter!! I am not a true believer, so when I say God Bless, I sincerely mean it. are simply amazing and have a strength that all of us could learn from. Like the other posts have said, you have been through too much. Sending hugs and healing strength to you, Rachel
Melinda, My wife is going thru much of the same as you. Her cancer started in her cervix and has now spread throughout her body mostly to the bladder, colon and rectum. Dr's have given up hope on her and she is now in hospice care. I pray that you continue to fight and continue to win.
You inspire me! Stay hopeful and keep that strong attitude. Love, Michelle
Oh, Melinda, I am so sorry that you have more surgeries coming up. I am thankful that you have such a good and honest ob/gyn. You have such a wonderful spirit and attitude that I know you will overcame this, too. MD Anderson is the best I have heard. I have heard good things about hyperbaric chambers for healing. Keep your faith. I know that God is with you in all of this and loves you so much! I send my prayers and my hugs to you! Love - Cherie
Hopefully, you will finally get relief. It's good to have a surgeon who knows their limitations and is able to point you to the people who will be able to end your pain. I'd love meet up with you and Andrea for dinner, that would be quite an evening. Big Hugs, Donna
Melinda, I like Andrea's idea of the Roman party (especially if we could all wear Togas and get some really hunky guys to feed us fresh fruits by hand! :) I really am sorry you're having to go through another surgery. The thought of being in the hospital is unpleasant enough, and with it being an extensive surgery, I'm sure you won't be out as quickly as you'd like. But I know you are so strong, if not THE STRONGEST woman I know. I hope the hyperbaric chamber works. Have you been through that before? Do you have to stay in a long time? Do you get claustrophic? It fascinates me how it works. Keep us posted, and I'll be praying for you. I know Jesus is by your side, as is the angel of your Father, so you've got a lot of good support there. Love and hugs, Kim
So happy to read that u r my soul sister too! Can't wait to meet you on the other side some day!
Melin, Your on my mind tonight and in our prayers...I know you are a very strong young lady, keep the faith. Levi
Dear Melinda, I am glad that your doctor has finally said that is enough and they are going to give you the help you need. I am also glad you have your family to go throught this with you. I will be hoping you feel less pain everyday. Jenny
Melinda; It sounds so painful and downright scary. If anyone can endure this, it would be you, even though you really don't want to face this. I'M not sure I COULD DO IT. We all feel the same about you though. You are so strong and have endured more than most. I really hope you find the right surgeon and hospital that will take care of you and make you better. PRAYERS TO YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVOURS.
I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. You are such a strong person and you amaze me. You have come through so much. Much love and many many prayers Melinda
Oh my Melinda, this broke my heart to read, i am so so sorry. i know that my surgery was nothing like yours at all but do you have netflix? its the only thing that got me through my afte care, i was so bored between that and the internet thats all i did. i will be thinking about you tonight and say a huge prayer for you as well.
It was so cool to read your profile tonight. We are in the same boat cancer wise, but we serve the same God. If it wasn't for Him I don't know how I would get thru this as well. Cancer has been my greatest blessing as it brought me back to a faith I left behind. It brought tears to my eyes to read that you are a Christian as well. I wish I could meet you, someday we will in heaven. I can't wait to get my glorified body someday and be cancer free. God Bless, Randy
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Remember that you do not have to suffer with the side effects. There are medications that will help and it might take a few tries to get the right combination.

You have to find a support system that is best for you! I have found that blogging on here has helped me because I am talking to people that have been there and done that! Most important is take it day by day or hour by hour when you have to and do not feel like you HAVE to do something for others, you are the one that is sick!

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