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I had my MRI to see if there is a bulging disk or something else going on with the nerves. I feel sorry for ANYONE that has ever had an MRI in a machine that is SO LOUD! It was a horrible experience and I am so thankful that I had been exposed to MRIs before. The lady asked the general questions are you claustrophobic, I answered NO, then I am told to lay on the table and asked to put earplugs in because it gets noisy as I begin to take in the MRI machine and see that it has a place for the head and she makes me put my hair in a net and the ear plugs in my ears... ABout this time I am feeling for my poor mother as she is extremely claustrophobic and the head thing I was not too happy about. The machine made about six different sounds depending on what it was doing and you could actually feel the heat go into your body in the area it was taking the imagining... So with my new found dislike for an MRI machine, I totally understand why some people do not like them:) I will not know any results until March 6th when I see my doctor for my injections:) Melinda
Mike sent you a hug.
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Hi Melinda - am with you - I found MRI scans claustrophobic and a bit scary - until I re-framed the experience. I now close my eyes, focus on my breath and imagine that I am at some sort of thrash metal gig / try to predict the next sound combo - it does help me to manage my fear! Hoping that this scan will give some insight into the source of your pain (and, therefore, a clearer idea of how it can best be managed). Sending you love, janet x
I hope you will get some answers from the MRI. I've had 3 MRI's and luckily, am not claustrophobic. I can only imagine, though, how terrible they are for people who are. I was in the machine one time for about 2 1/2 hours--that wasn't really any fun! I hope something can be done for your pain. Hugs, Martha
I couldn't stay in the machine. I totally flipped out and left. I had to go for an open MRI and it wasn't so open. I hate them. The kidney guy wanted me to go for one next time and I opted for a ct scan instead. funny part is i didn't think i was claustrophobic. hope your results are good!!!!
Good luck Mel were allmpraying for a simple fix for you
I hate MRIs! It makes me feel like someone is using a jackhammer right next to my head. Keep us posted when you get your results, hopefully you'll get some helpful answers. Hugs-Ann
Wishing you the best outcome on your MRI scans. I hope I never have to have an MRI. I am extremely claustrophobic, they would have to give me something to knock me out. How Martha stayed in one for over 2 hours is beyond me. Wishing you the best, Melinda.
Melinda, reading your post is agonizing. I hope after all that the results are helpful in easing your pain.
After going though all the I hope the MRI results help and you won't have to go through it again. I try to think 'this will help me, it will soon be over' & repeat it over and over.
What's odd is that at my last MRI they gave me headphones to wear and asked what kind of music i liked. After getting the music set and cranked nice and high, the machine still drowned out the music. At least they tried. TJ OD@aT
Wishes for a good report. I've had two cervical epidural injections in my neck in the past year+. They did help. I love MRI machines. I've had only one-maybe two. Anyway, the first one, several years ago, cured my severe low back pain for two days!!! The tech said that is common with people with back pain because of the little vibrations (I don't know what else to call them). I wanted one for home use!!!
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Hello - have been thinking about you - how are you doing? Wishing for you that the pain is in check. Would be great to hear your news. much love. xx
I loved the MRI I had several years ago. My back quit hurting-which the tech said is common due to the nature of the machine. It's like a mini-massage. To heck with the noise! I can handle that (usually). Send us an update Melinda!! Carol
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